Agricultural and forestal demands create national and international social, ecological and economical conflicts between interest groups.

Ethical norms are a conflict reduction strategy

Agro-ethics do not formulate a new universal ethical concept but find operational ways for the application of standards to agricultural and forestal production


Ethics: universal concept of norms and maxims of lifestyle characterized by full reponsibility for others irrespective moral or cultural affiliation.

Morals: temporary system of traditional, societal and religious norms and principles regulating interactions in specific social groupings.

Culture: entirety of intellectual, spiritual and artistic performances and values of a society feeling to belong together (even super-national groupings). At the same time culture is the cause for the behaviour of a society

Applied Ethics: reflections of universal norms with respect to special situations: bio-ethics, medicinal-ethics, here: agro-ethics


...define the normative framework for best agricultural and forestal practice in production and trade, taking over the liability of consequences for all concerned parties.
This includes the responsibility for a balanced realization of socio-cultural, ecological and economical demands as sustainable basis for future generations.

BAP Concept