CMAG - Germany´s mycorrhizal experts in Europe and the world

Founded by mycorrhizal experts the Federal Research Institute for Cultivated Plants - Julius Kühn-Institut and representatives of Universities, companies and extension services in 1997, in annual meetings several aspects of research, use and marketing of mycorrhizal fungi were discussed.

One important reason was to agree between producers of mycorrizal fungi on standards of best production practice and quality control protocols.

A second aim of the Committee was to interconnect practice with mycorrhizal research, to give impulses to Universities and to receive innovations for the development of new products.

The third intention was to represent the German activities on European level. Therefore, members of the Committee are members of the Management Committee of Cost Actions. Partners of CMAG are members of the Federation of European Mycorrhizal Fungi Producers (FEMFiP).

The outcome of the meetings has been published in several publications cited elsewhere (see here)